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Email Templates

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SUBJECT: [Firstname] 5 Ways To Save Money When Painting the House

1. Wait for a Sale.

Most major Paint Retailers have semi- annual paint sales.

Inquire in your local paint store or look in newspapers for Sale Ads.

Sometimes savings can be as musch as 40% -50% and More!

 2. Use All in One Paints.

Look for Paint finishes that Have Primer and Paint together.

Major Advances in Paint technology have created some new

products for problem surfaces which complete the job in One Step!

3. Purchase in Bulk.

Get the 5 gallon size paint containers for larger jobs.

They cost less than getting individual cans. Use the

Largest Rollers and Brushes for the Job. This will

save you time and everybody knows, Time= money.

4. Get A Merchant Account.

Some Paint Retailers will set up a charge account for you

 and can give you discounts for major purchases.


The Paint Materials are usually one one fifth of the actuall Painting Cost. will show you how to Paint Like A Pro,

 without the Contractor bill!  :)

 Learn More Tips about How to Save Time and Money

before you Paint the House.

SUBJECT: [Firstname] Your House is now under Martial Law...
Time to get the lead out.
Move your ass and get in Gear.
March Your way over to
Its the Only Online Painting Bootcamp in existence.

Major Painter And Master Builder take no excuses. They will tear  down your misconceptions and rebuild your mindset to become the Ultimate Painting Machine!

Thats Right Slowpoke,
I'm Talking to YOU!!!

If you Can Read this Email and watch some video instruction,
then you have what it takes to complete the course!

Our Graudautes are out there right this minute creating
beautiful masterpieces. Why are you still here???!

YOUR ORDERS ARE Ready for Download!


SUBJECT: [Firstname] PaintingtheHouse.Net is YOUR SOLUTION!
Does Your House look like a sun dried Aligator?
Did your house stain fade out like an 80's pop star?
Can You Remember What Color your house IS? is your Solution
to any Paint Problem Imagineable!

Come Inside Our House Of Color.

Let a Professional Painter Teach You How
To Bring Your House Back to LIFE!

Your Wallpaper can't "hang" after the New Years Party?

Do Your Walls "Flash" more than your Cell Phone?

Have Sheetrock Tape that forgot how to Stick? Covers it ALL!

No Paint Problem Is Un-Fixable.  

Don't Feed those pet peeves.
Fill those Painting needs with Ease!  


SUBJECT: [Firstname] BEST Painting Tips of 2012
1.  Plan The Paintjob.  Make your color desicions early, and agree upon the color schemes.  Then estimate the material and time frame for the job.

2. Be Lead Safe
Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your family and residents in your home. Follow all reccomended procedures for Lead Safe work practices if your house was built prior to 1977,  or if you suspect there may be Lead paint on or around the house.  Purchase an approved Lead Inspection Kit to be Sure.

3.  Safety First
There are a number of potential hazards around your house that may interfere with a safe work environment.
Clean up toys, tools and other obstructions around the work area.  
Be aware of power lines, and other electrical hazards.  
Protect yourself by wearing protective clothing to avoid contact with any solvents.
Get Fresh Air. Most paints have VOC's or Volitile Organic Compounds that are released into the air while the paint dries.

Let A Pro teach you how to protect yourself while painting the house. 
4. Check For Moisture
Water Leaks, Trapped Moisture, and Ice Damming, can cause wood rot, deterioration, staining, and will lead to paint failure.  Use an electric moisture tester to measure the percentage of moisture content in the substrate.  
check these  areas around the house before you apply the primer or paint.


Painting is truly a rewarding experience.  It can even be theraputic to change  your colors to brighten and liven up your home.
Paint is also a house's first line of defense against the elements.
You will feel safe and secure, knowing that your house is covered. is a Digital DIY Painting guide .
Detailed Painting Instructions from a Pro.
Interior and Exterior tips, tricks, and video lessons
that get real results.

Order Today,
Your House will Thank you for it. 

SUBJECT: [Firstname] DIY Painting Program Available

Hey  [Firstname]

I just had to email you about the amazing paintjob we
completed ourselves by going to .

The kitchen looks like a french bistreau with
warm and blended earth tones over
faux finished venetian plaster.

The Foyer has been re-trimed with elegant white semi-gloss enamel that
mirrors light from the chandeliers.  Our raised pannels carry the trim up the stairs into the hall offset by the elegant eggshell walls.

The Master Bedroom has never been so alive. The glossed coffered ceilings break in the center of an inset Roman Cherubim Mural.  Half collumns guard the doors
marbelized to perfection.

The Driveway is courted by an oil stained overhead Pergola ripe with vines, looking down over the weather sealed stone pavers.

Our Friends Ask how the Painter achieved such brilliant finishes!

I just tell them,

I did it Myself!
...with some help from a Pro.

Try sending out  emails once every 2 days at times your audience will most likely be checking thier email.

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Any Questions? Contact: 



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