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painting the house... with a pro!

painting the house


Home Owners,

We Invite you to an Open House for a new perspective on Home Improvement 

with Color Enhancement.

Our Resident Paint Pro will Lead you by the hand and teach you everything he knows 

about professional Painting so you can transform your house into your dream home.

Painting the House is Easy when you know exactly what steps to take

when planning the perfect paintjob!

Inside you wll get hundreds of time and money saving tricks and tips the Pro's use

to create the most colorful and breathtaking Paintings.

Why spend thousands on a contractor, when a  Pro can show you 

how to do it better at a fraction of the cost! is your solultion for any Painting Project!

At your service,
Paint Pro


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peeling brick

Every year hundreds of thousands of homes across the World
are plagued with exterior paint problems.

Peeling, Cracking, Scaling, Crumbling paint that
ruins your house’s appearance.

Every time someone walks past your front door
 or drives by your house they look at the condition of your house.

They will normally have two reactions.

First they will see a normal house,
with a recently updated paint job, and think nothing of it.
Nothing out of the ordinary.


They will cringe in disgust with the lack of maintenance
 on your house and begin to wonder who is this person
who completely disregards the neighborhood with their
distasteful decor?

Its simple human behavior. People are quick to point out
negatives and will actually focus your faults rather than
your strengths.

To them,  your house is a reflection on you and your family.
What do thier faces look like when they see your house?

house needs paint


An alarming trend in the housing market is beginning to rear its ugly head.

Mold And Mildew are growing rampant on northern exteriors and can even be labeled a pandemic. It can grow on every surface of your house and even invade inside causing respiratory ailments!

Direct exposure from Sunlight causes irreparable damage to wood fibers by attacking it with Ultra Violet Light that penetrates deep into the wood surface. This dead wood fiber is where mold attaches its roots and expels its spores into the air!

Then add a moisture rich environment with lots of rain condensation, ice, snow, wind and weathering that will rub your paint the wrong way.

Rapid temperature changes cause the parts of your house to expand and contract and will compromise its structural integrity.

This process will create numerous gaps and cracks for water to invade and could even erode your foundation from the inside out!

Even the local wildlife will take notice and begin to think they can move in. BEES, WASPS, HORNETS, BIRDS AND BATS will move in and leave their remnants wherever they please!

Without a maintenance plan, your home is defenseless against mother natures harsh and unyielding destructive powers.

Wouldn’t you feel secure knowing that your house is protected from the elements?
Having a properly maintained home is like having a well guarded bank vault. It keeps all your possessions safe and helps you sleep at night.

The earth is quickly taking back what was once hers and will continue to erode your exterior unless you fight back.

Residential Painting Contractors are making a fortune because of the sheer numbers of houses that need attention.

And the simple truth is there are more houses than PAINTERS to Paint them!

How many times have you called a painter and not even got a return phone call!

Even if you can secure a spot with a reliable contractor, you may have to wait months or even years for their schedule to open up to help you!

Which leaves the market open for unlicenced, under insured, unskilled laborers who may have done your gardening last week, and are painting the next.

Painting Projects

painting the house

Its Time to get the lead out.
Move your ass and get in Gear.
March your way over to
Its the Only Online Painting Bootcamp you will ever need.

Major Painter And Master Builder take no excuses. They will tear  down your misconceptions and rebuild your mindset to become the Ultimate Painting Machine!

That’s Right Slowpoke,
I'm Talking to YOU!!!

If you can read this page and download some professional painting instruction,
then you have what it takes to complete the course!

Our Graduates are out there right this minute creating
beautiful masterpieces. Why are you still here???!

YOUR ORDERS ARE Ready for Download!

painters guarantee

The exterior elements can wreck havoc on every single man made structure. There is no exception.

Unless you live in an international space station orbiting the moon, you probably live in a modular structure that requires painting.



painted house

Does Your House Look Like A Sundried Aligator?

Did your house stain fade out like an 80's pop star?

Can You Remember What Color your house IS? is your Solution
to any Paint Problem Imagineable!

Come Inside Our House Of Color.

Let a Professional Painter Teach You How
To Bring Your House Back to LIFE!

Your Wallpaper can't "hang" after the New Years Party?

Do Your Walls "Flash" more than your Cell Phone?

Have Sheetrock Tape that forgot how to Stick? Covers it ALL!

No Paint Problem Is Un-Fixable. 

Don't Feed those pet peeves.
Fill those Painting needs with Ease!


Painters Toolbox

painting the houseA Downloadable Professional Painting Ebook             

       painting the house


painting the house Paint Application Guide 


painting the house

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painting the houseInterior Designer's Color Choice Guide

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Painting The House
Never waste your money again, Painting The House is Super Simple when you use Our Painting Application Guide!

Here are Some Pro's & Cons of using a Contractor Vs. Painting The House.Net

PaintingtheHouse.NET                                                                 Contractor
  1. You  Make All The Decisions                                                Agree to their terms
  2. Do it Anytime!                                                                       Fixed Time Schedule
  3. You Are the Boss                                                                  Hires Inexperienced Subs
  4. Use the Best Materials                                                           Uses Bargain Materials
  5. Learn as You Go!                                                                  Explains the Job the day of
  6. Save Money On Labor                                                          Sign a Contract for Thousands! 
As you can see, doing it yourself has many advantages and is truly a rewarding experience.  Why Not let our resident expert show you the way before you begin painting the house.

option 1

Historic Restroations and Full Paint Removal Jobs can cost from four figures up to
hundreds of thousands. Its your choice how much you spend on your own home.

option 2

We encourage you to do your own research before making any purchases. Whether it
be hiring a contractor, buying an ebook or even buying paint for your home.

Check out what our testimonials have to say about

house painting course
You will never again have to worry about who is showing up to paint the house. Because You are the Boss!
Owner Occupied Residents are allowed to do any home improvement under the law. Includng Painting the House.
Our Specially designed intruction videos will have you Painting like Pro's immediately.  You will get easy to follow,
step by step orders to complete the job on time and under budget.

Whether you need to do some interior touch ups or Completely Recoat the Exterior,  delivers!


Affiliate Painting Business Affiliate

Residential Painting Contractors need a State Home Improvement Liscense to do Business.

All You need is a Clickbank Affiliate hoplink!

Its basically your business card that sends your referals back to .

Each time one of your friends makes a purchase, you get a commission!

There are over 100 million homes in the United States alone.

Think of how many sales you could make!

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painting testimonial

 Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith
Paint Store Manager

I completely remodelled and painted my house
using the painting methods in the Application Guide.
The instruction is Top Notch. A must have for any  Painter.

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This Could BE You! Send  us A Video Testimonial

with your name, title, website and how

Improved your house!


Online Painting Course

Painting The House

Painting the House


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